Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Letter a Day...Mm!

Today's Letter...Mm! We read a book called, If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff.
A great website that lists preschool read aloud books for every letter of the alphabet is: We then did an activity with matching upper and lower case letters. You will need a few clothes pins. Print off the cards on cardstock from the link: This goes along with the story. I had to help my son with a lot of these letters, especially ones that do not look like the capital letter (for example G and g). He loved this and as long as you make it a game, it is more fun!
We did our Do-A-Dot art with the letter Mm. He is getting better at keeping the stamps inside the dots! This is a great fine motor skill builder. View my previous posts for Do-a-Dot letter printables.
  Afterwards, we traced lines from lowercase letter m to capital letter M for fine motor skill building. You can find a ton of letter M activities as well as this printable at:
 Our next M activity was a hit! I used m&m printables from:
My son had to complete the pattern using large m&m printables. Each time he got it right, he was rewarded with the real thing.

Our math activity was another m&m printable from the same link as above. He had to count the m&m's in the box and then find the numeral that matched the quantity. This is a wonderful one to one correspondence activity. I made him touch each m&m slowly and count out loud. Then, I put 4-5 numerals to the side for him to choose from. Great number recognition practice as well!
After nap time, we played Memory. This is such a fun classic!

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