Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Letter a Day...Aa!

 Quality Do-a-dot Markers 4 Asst by Do-a-dot Art
You may be wondering why I didn't just start with A. My son knows the alphabet song backwards and forwards. I started to think that he may guess what letter was next if I did it sequentially and the anticipation would be lost. So, I'm doing it at random. Today was the letter Aa. Once again, I had the letter taped on the door for my son to see as he came downstairs this morning. I made Apple Bread the night before. Here is the recipe: After breakfast, we played on the starfall website: under the first category "ABC's". Then we read the book Apple Farmer Annie  by Monica Wellington. I printed off Uppercase Do-A-Dot Letters and had my son stamp dots inside the letter. You can print these off at and purchase dot markers from Amazon or a local parent/teacher store. Above is pic of what the markers look like. We then made alligators out of a capital A (and talked about triangles for the teeth).  We also made an apple craft. I painted the palm of my child's hand red and stamped it on a sheet of construction paper. Then he dipped his finger in black paint and we made little ants around the apple. I drew a stem and leaf and the apple , and legs and antenna for the ants after they dried.For morning snack time we made Ants on a log. I cut up celery sticks, spread peanut butter over them (use soy butter for substitute) and then put raisins on top! For our afternoon snack we made Apple Carousels. You simple cut the middle out of an apple, spread peanut butter on the top and bottom halves, push in pretzel sticks to reconnect top and bottom slices, then add in animal crackers!

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