Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Letter a Day...Ff

Letter Ff was the letter of the day! We started with the book, Firefighters to the Rescue by Kersten Hamilton. We followed the book with a fun craft. I printed out a fire hydrant for the boys to paint red. For the one I used, click here: While waiting for our fire hydrants to dry, we painted fire by using red and yellow on a sheet of white construction paper. We found that mixing those colors makes orange! Then, we set that aside to dry and painted a small square of foil (that starts with F!) blue to make the water. We glued the fire hydrant on the white paper with the fire, then cut the foil to look like water. Next, I taped a piece of pipe cleaner next to the fire hydrant to look like a hose and then glued the blue foil we cut out to look like water spraying out! So fun! We used crayola tempera paint.
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With the paint still out, we used a sheet of blue construction paper and put drops of red and yellow paint on it. Then, the kids used straws to blow the paint in different directions. This made it look like fire! You could also use liquid glue and have them blow it and then add glitter for Fireworks! I had planned to take a trip to the local fire station for the kids to meet the firemen and learn about fire safety. Unfortunately, things came up and they couldn't accommodate our visit today. We'll try again another time!
For snack today, we had Fruit Loops and grapes (fruit). You could also have goldfish. Then, we made the letter F with the Do-A-Dot markers. We will do this each day with each new letter. We also practiced writing the capital F on lined handwriting paper. I like Zaner-Bloser block style writing the best for teaching children to make letters.
We headed out to the local fish store to check out the fish and the frogs. The kids LOVED this. We saw all kinds of fish and some really interesting frogs!
When we got home, I read a Zootles magazine about Frogs. It was fascinating. These magazines are fabulous for children ages 2-5. The one I read today incorporated the letter F and fun facts about frogs and their habitats. After reading a bit, these two kiddos were ready for a nap!
We made a frog as well! I cut out a green circle, traced my child's hands and then ovals for the eyes on black and white paper. So cute!

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