Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Letter a Day...Ww!

We started this morning out with a walk around the neighborhood. It was too hot yet and it was a nice little exercise for us both. When we came back,  we ate waffles. As we ate, we talked about words that begin with W. Then I had my son go around the house and find things that begin with W. I thought this would be a bit difficult, so I made sure to set out a watch, wallet, and a few other things. Then he placed each thing he found into a little wagon.
We did color experiments with food coloring and water. We found that when you add blue to yellow you get green, red and yellow make orange, red and blue make purple, etc. Then we poured a small amount of water from the bowl into a measuring cup and determined which one weighed more. Then we poured a tiny amount from the measuring cup into a measuring spoon and determined which weighed less. We did this with several cups and bowls. My son LOVED pouring the water! We did this all in the kitchen sink.
After talking about water, I told my son about Jesus walking on water. I let him watch the cartoon video clip: and then we made a craft with Jesus walking on water towards the boat. The cloud in the picture says, "Keep you eyes on Jesus". You can find this craft at:
 After that we put our swimsuits on and played in the water outside. We have a water table so I brought out all the measuring cups, bowls, and spoons from our color experiment and let him play with them. While he played, I read a book and got some sun!
For snack we had watermelon and for lunch I made him Wagon Wheel pasta. Then, we went and visited Daddy at work! He even got to ride with Daddy on a tractor with giant wheels! What a great way to end the day!

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