Monday, June 11, 2012

A Letter A Day...Bb!

Photo: Letter B....Band-Aid butterflies! 

My son woke up this morning and immediately said, "What letter are we doing today?!" I am so happy that this little 'game' has made him excited about learning. The letter Bb was taped to the door today. We ate blueberry waffles and bacon for breakfast as we brainstormed all the things we could think of that start with "b". We did our Do-a-Dot letter Bb and then made Band-Aid butterflies.
I have decided to print off a block letter of each letter that we do and create some sort of craft beginning with that letter on paper vertically or "portrait" (like the Band-Aid Butterflies) so that I can put each in a binder in page protectors that I can eventually have as an Alphabet book that my son created to review all the letters in the alphabet.

So, it was a rainy day today. We still blew bubbles on the porch, built buildings with blocks, turned up the radio and pretended we were in a band, and
 took a bubble bath. Later, for some fine motor
development, I had a bag of those small fuzzy
pom pom balls from the craft store and put a handful
in a small Dixie cup. I gave my son some graspers
(you could also use chopstix although that may be
more difficult) and had him pick up one ball at a time
from the Dixie cup and place it in a bowl. When he
put all of them in, he had to transfer them one at a
 time again back into the Dixie cup.

 For lunch we had Bunny Pasta and bananas! We took a little trip to Barnes and Noble this afternoon. We went on a hunt through the children's section for things that start with "B". My son found a book about bugs, babies, a Blues Clues dog, bath toys, and a stuffed animal bunny. We picked out three books and read them together. Then we had a "big" cookie at the coffee shop inside the store with "brown" milk (chocolate milk). Ha! I'm trying here! :)

After dinner, my son helped me make blueberry cobbler with all the blueberries we had left! It was delicious. Before I put him to bed, he wanted to know what letter would be next. He is having so much fun with this! Here is the recipe for the blueberry cobbler:

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