Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Letter A Day...Ss!

I made smiley face pancakes for breakfast and introduced the letter Ss to my son. The we did the Do-A-Dot letter S page. You can do a similar handwriting if you click here... We then went outside and played with sidewalk chalk. We made the letter S, drew a sun, a snake, etc and then I let him draw whatever he wanted. When we came inside, I gave my child a box with a lot of different animal pictures that I cut out. You can print and cut a few out from and click on other letters and print several more. You could also create a word document and choose clip art animals beginning with S. We pulled one picture out at a time and said the name of the animal. Then, I asked if it started with S. If it did we glued it on a piece of construction paper that I labeled with an Ss. If not, we set it aside. I let my son use a glue stick and had him glue them to the paper to build fine motor skills and get used to using a glue stick. I teach my kindergarteners to put glue on the back of the cutout they are gluing and not the main sheet. This way the page doesn't end up a sticky mess! We put our S Animal Collage' on the refrigerator.

For snack, we had "sushi". This was not real sushi but a fun way to make fake sushi using Rice Crispy cereal, marshmallows, fruit roll-ups, and gummy worms. You can find the recipe at
                                       Mock Sushi

I had to run some errands today and while in the car, I handed my son a car ride "Scavenger Hunt" on a clipboard. While we drove around town, he had to find the different things on his page.

 For lunch we grabbed a kids meal at Sonic along with a Strawberry Fruit Slush! Yum! When we got home we made suncatchers. I bought the kit at Michaels. Then, we played outside in the sprinkler!

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